Why Education Is The Health Care Revolution...


It's tough love but we've got to say it: Our health is OUR responsibility. However, we know that doesn't mean that the best path is always clear to understand or easy to implement. That's why we want to provide the knowledge, the clear path, and the support to meet you wherever you are and turn your goals into your reality. 


We might throw some scary statistics at you once and a while, but we are not here to scare you! Just the opposite, we bring a message of hope and a bright future for the health of our country. The truth is that many of the epidemic "hot button" diseases- cognitive decline heart disease, diabetes, pain syndromes; even cancer - are preventable and even reversible. Lifestyle is our most powerful tool to generate and restore health.


You've heard it since grade school that knowledge is power. This has never been more true and imperative than in today's health environment. Your body was designed to heal and balance itself, and to generate its own energy, immunity, mobility, and emotional well being. Health care may be expensive, but health is available to us for free. Experiencing wellness is freedom- the freedom to do what we enjoy, achieve our goals, and get the most out of life.

How RAD Is Here To Help

RAD wants to see you get the most out of life by discovering your healthiest, happiest self. We merge ancient wisdoms with the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of epigenetics, neuroplasticity, nutrition, physiology, performance, and physical resiliency. The science of health generation takes on new life and application within each of RAD's courses.

You supply the desire and we will show you the way. 

Dr. Dan Cooper, chiropractor, combat veteran, and wellness educator, founder of Revolution After Dust-off, strikes a pose, don't tread on me

Featured Course

RAD|desk jockey

This innovative course is designed for those who want to take their careers to new levels of productivity and creativity while fostering optimal health and wellness. Start harnessing the power of epigenetics and plasticity of the body to super boost your quality of work and quality of life. 

Choose this course if you want to:
  • Discover new levels of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity for your career and projects 

  • Save time and money that is going towards medical and manual therapy for neck and back pain

  • Improve exercise performance and recovery, and prevent injury

  • Get the most out of life outside of work with energy and vitality for family time, the outdoors, or whatever you love the most!

Our Approach to Education


This one's obvious- no one likes boring stuff! We want you to enjoy every minute of your RAD education (and we're not that great at being serious, anyway). Plus, in the end, we believe being healthy is all about fun. It takes energy and vitality to do the things you love in life, so let's pump some of that into this education as well.


RAD's education is holistic in every sense of the word. Our programs are distilled from many paradigms- ancient and modern, eastern and western. We believe that your health is an expression of every factor in your life, even those you might not have considered before. We take this synergy into account. 


When it comes to making lifestyle changes, we know the bottom line is, "Okay, so what do I do now?". Additionally, to be able to stay  consistent, we know those steps need to be realistic, deliver fast results, and make sense in our daily lives.


We are here to bring awesome to the mainstream. We dream of a grassroots movement of people supporting each other to make better health choices, resulting in happier & healthier lives. We want to start that here, by supporting you every way we can. Optimal health takes a community. 

What Others Are Saying...

Dr. Cooper should teach at Harvard. He is brilliant and engaging... The consultation before even starting treatment blew my mind! I was like, WOW this guy really knows his stuff! Hands down one of the most caring and knowledgable doctors I have ever used... Besides the fact that he’s exceptionally good at what he does, his knowledge far exceeds any doctor in the area when it comes to functional health and how the human body works. I would definitely recommend him to all my family and friends.". -Zena D., FL, USA

"Dr Cooper is so good at what he does. He's one of the only people I trust with my body. He gets that I train like an athlete and I need my body in peak performance. Sitting on the sidelines isn't an option for me and he does what is necessary to keep me in working order. I recommend him to everyone I know." - Kyra W., FL, USA

"Dr Coop has worked on my entire family... He takes the time to listen...  If you need... strengthening advise, kinesiology taping/advice etc. go see Dr. Dan Cooper." - Karen B., FL, USA

"He has an amazing gift that helped me." -Linda B., FL, USA

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