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Dr. Dan Cooper

Lifestyle Medicine Physician

In the current climate of disjointed healthcare, why not bypass the hypocrisy and poorly informed system for a new kind of health building? Why not choose a wellness physician that walks the talk? Meet Dr. Dan Cooper: chiropractor, functional medicine practitioner, lifetime athlete, and advocate for the empowerment of the individual health seeker. 

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Cooper carries many titles that identify waypoints along the life path that he has chosen to become a purveyor of high performance wellness. Some of these include:

  • Lifetime athlete

  • Combat veteran

  • Chiropractic physician to hundreds of professional and Olympic athletes

  • Functional medicine physician

  • Professor at National University of Heath Sciences

  • Primal health expert

  • Mindset coach

  • Holistic health coach

A New Paradigm of Care

Dr. Cooper's approach to health building is systematic and effective. He marries the the best of natural medicine with the latest in diagnostic testing to customize the healthcare plan that is best suited to your individual needs.

Of additional benefit, the physical medicine skillset that he brings to the table has been perfected with many thousands of patient visits with elite level athletes, resulting in high efficiency and accelerated results. 

Whether you are seeking relief from pain or illness, have a specific goal in mind, or want to optimize your ability to express your highest potential, Dr. Cooper is here to navigate the often overwhelming health space and guide you to success. 

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