The Story of RAD

Revolution After Dust-off has been two decades in the making. As an ocean rescue lifeguard, a competitive athlete, and a combat infantryman, I have always been highly driven to discover the keys to being my best self. Those days, my ability to perform mentally and physically could mean life or death for myself or others. I researched, trialed, and refined what I learned tirelessly. At some point, I realized that friends, even strangers were asking me for my “secret,” what do I do to look and feel so healthy, and to be so calm and happy all the time? I was always thrilled to share what I knew.


When I left the army, eight years from whence I started, after my tour in Iraq, my service spirit still burned strong and I knew I wanted to turn my service towards the health crisis our nation was facing. I earned my Doctorate of Chiropractic, seeking a hands-on, holistic, and non-pharmaceutical approach to care. I deepened my studies of countless healing modalities and paradigms, neurology, physiology, pathology, and more. I discovered time and time again, That the exciting "breakthroughs" in modern research were upholding and proving ancient wisdoms and natural approaches to generating health. What I found to be the most exciting and evidence-based keys to preventing and reversing modern, chronic, lifestyle-induced disease could be found within the fields of epigenetics and neuroplasticity. I naturally loved to teach and educate my patients on these concepts. Their results and successes were repeatably amazing when empowered with holistic protocols they could integrate into their daily routines.


The idea for Revolution After Dust-off was really born when my father was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer that had metastasized to his brain and other areas. It was too late to save him. I realized then that I could not stand by while so many families suffered like mine did at the hands of preventable diseases.


Revolution After-Dust off exists to bring actionable, effective wellness lifestyle education to more people than I can reach with singular face-to-face encounters in my clinical practice. I want to support people in taking responsibility and action to care for their bodies, and to discover their healthiest, happiest selves.


Sincerely, Dr. Dan Cooper

The Meaning Behind the Name

Dr. Cooper explains the meaning of the name Revolution After Dust-off, and its military underpinnings.

The Team

Dr. Dan Cooper, DC in Tampa, FL
Dan Cooper, DC

Founder / CEO

 Dr. Cooper is the creator of all RAD programs and protocols, rooted in his years of research and clinical practice. Countless top tier competitive athletes representing the NFL, MLB, CrossFit, US Women's Olympic sprint team, PGA, and all manner of recreational athletes have sought out Dr. Cooper's reputation for delivering lightning fast and lasting resolution of pain and injury. He served as Medical Director for Operation Shifting Gears, a non-profit organization that used competitive team cycling therapeutically for combat-injured veterans. He has also brought his highly requested corporate wellness services to companies such as Burton Snowboards, Vermont Public Radio, Trapp Family Lodge, and many more. No matter the patient, his experience in treating top tier athletes at the apex of performance lends a significant wealth of knowledge and innovation to RAD's approach to healing and wellness. 


Additionally, Dr. Cooper has had the privilege to work under and study with some of the leaders in the progressive chiropractic, physical medicine, functional medicine, and functional movement fields. The education produced by RAD is the leading edge of the synthesis of his experience, practice, and continued research within these fields.

Previous to his Chiropractic career, Dr. Cooper served eight years in the US Army, including three years in the Old Guard , one tour as a Drill Sergeant, and one combat tour to Iraq, and spent over 10 glorious years with the Volusia County Beach Patrol as an Ocean Rescue Lifeguard. While deployed he performed many roles. He served as gunner, squad leader; was in charge of tactical readiness and fitness training for his team. Additionally, he performed hundreds of open water rescues during his years Hasselhoffing on the beach. His favorite pastimes include lead slinging, mountain biking, sniffing plants, nature photography, entomology, and playing with Jimmy, the wonder dog.


  • Diplomate in Clinical Neuroscience (DACNB) - Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies (2011) [*board eligible] 

  • Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) - Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida (2011)

  • Bachelor's of Science (BS) in Exercise Science - The Florida State University (2005)


  • RockTape® Rock Blades Advanced (2018)

  • RockTape® Rock Blades (2018)

  • RockTape® Performance Movement Techniques (PMT) (2015)

  • Kinesio Taping® Association International 

    • KT1 & KT2 (2011)​

    • KT3 (2012)

  • Strategic Diagnosis and Treatment of Neck & Back Pain  - Donald Murphy (2011)

  • Functional Blood Chemistry - Apex Energetics (2010)

  • Graston Technique® Certified, Level 1 (2010)

  • Functional Rehabilitation - Craig Leibenson (2010)

  • Active Release Techniques® Certified, Lower Extremities (2008)

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Chek Institute (2007)


US Army Courses

  • Infantry School

  • Airborne School 

  • Air Assault School

  • Expert Infantryman's badge

  • German Troop Proficiency Badge (Gold)

  • Drill Sergeant School

  • Armorer School

  • Primary Leadership Development School

  • Chaser (UCMJ Violator Acquisition)

  • Unit Substance Abuse Prevention Leader School

  • Combat Life Saver School

  • Military Transition Team Course, class #004


Jimmy the black rescue dog wearing bandana in Waterbury, VT


Jimmy is a constant source of awesomeness, cuteness, athleticism, loyalty, and adventurous spirit to the RAD team. We can only guess as to his mysterious past before we found him at the shelter, but legend is he made it almost to the end of service dog school and made a break for it. He's not one to pose for the camera but you're sure to catch him as a flash of black here and there, as he's never far from the rest of the team. His passions are ham, running fast, car rides, black dog adoption, and his family. He dislikes leashes, water in all forms, and really doesn't see the point of camping. He holds the world record, as far as we know, for most bandanas and dog tags lost or destroyed in the woods and so he now wears a tactical-style vest with name patches to introduce himself to strangers.

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