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Areas of Expertise


A graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida in 2011, Dr. Cooper has been practicing chiropractic continually for over a decade and has been teaching examination procedures, neurology, and chiropractic adjusting at National University of Health Sciences since 2017. 

His style is comprehensive, adjusting the full spine, extremities, and the TMJ as needed. Dr. Cooper uses a mix of techniques from Gonstead, Diversified, Synergy Release, and more. 

Myofascial Release

Dr. Cooper believes that adjusting the joints without addressing the associated "soft" tissues is incomplete, as muscle tightness may cause joint restriction and joint restriction may cause muscle tightness. Additionally, adhesions between the fascial layers further restricts movement and increases inflammation. His approach to addressing restriction and adhesions within the myofascial system includes a suite of options including:

  • Active fascial release

  • Insrtument assisted soft tissue manipulation (Graston and FAKTR)

  • Fascial stretching

  • Cupping 

  • Lymphatic drainage

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is branch of the healing arts in which we use modern diagnostic testing to evaluate the health of an organ, gland, or metabolic system. Once identified by specific patterns within the diagnostic results, Dr. Cooper designs supplemental and lifestyle protocols to support the system or systems that have been found in need so that they may heal.  

Lifestyle Counseling 

For the most part, we find ourselves in a less than ideal health situation because of the accumulation of choices that we have made along the way. Oftentimes, they were conscious choices and other times they may have been habits of others that we just adopted. In any case, building any therapeutic intervention upon a solid foundation of positive health habits is the surest way to long term success. Cultivating optimized health habits is the secret sauce in Dr. Cooper's clinical protocols. Some broad categories that he frequently addresses with patients are:

  • Movement

  • Food choice

  • Detoxification

  • Home environment

  • Relationships

My Approach

The RAD Approach

While it does take some work, finding the path to idealized health shouldn't be so difficult. At The RAD|life, we blend the best of new and old in our approach.

There was a time when doctors made house calls. They were fully present with each patient, they asked questions, and they listened. They didn't rush the patient and scurry off to the next appointment as quickly as possible. They weren't beholden to insurance companies or large managed care systems that dictated how they must treat their patients. This, we bring back from the past. 

On the flip side of that coin, the knowledge base that is available about human physiology has exploded since our grandparent's time. Additionally, the level of diagnostic testing available to physicians dwarfs what was available as recently as the changing of the millennium. Together, precise care may be delivered for a wide range of metabolic and organ system dysfunction. 

Lastly access. In addition to meeting in person, video conferencing has never been more available. This allows for a far higher quality of care, with patients getting physician interaction between in-person appointments when they might have otherwise waited until their next visit. 

This is what we bring to the table:

  • Concierge level service

  • Top tier chiropractic and manual medicine, honed with hundreds of professional and Olympic athletes

  • High quality personalized functional medicine, using the the best in diagnostic laboratory testing

  • Lifestyle planning and counseling from a true wellness expert


Transparency is also important to us here at The RAD|life. We don’t do weird marketing tricks or have slimy financial policies. We have some packages, based on your goals. Outside of those packages, our fees are per time. Our hourly rate is $350. We don’t up charge you for labs, genetic testing, or functional medicine testing. We simply pass along our cost for those services and only charge you for the report of findings. 


Simple, just like health should be. 

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