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RAD|desk jockey was created after working with thousands of on-site corporate wellness patients. Over and over, no matter age, fitness level, or body type, Dr. Cooper heard the same complaints from seated (and standing!) workers: predictable patterns of pain and postural dysfunction, physical and mental fatigue, and stress. Drawing from the fields of musculoskeletal, physiological, and neurological science, he created a series of movements and strategies that harness the body's innate plasticity to reverse and prevent these issues. When he presented the "course" to his patients, they begged for a video version that they could reference.

Finally, this highly requested course is available for lifetime reference, to anyone, not just Dr. Cooper's clinical patients!

What's Included


Master the concepts behind the course in five simple, lecture-style lessons:

1. Introduction

2. Prevent Pain and Injury

3. Boost Energy, Rejuvenation, and Creativity

4. Calm and Confident in Seconds

5. How to Use this Course

Individual Exercise Appendix

You will be introduced to innovative and fun movements specifically designed for each lesson of the course. Every exercise is individually indexed and explained in the Individual Exercise Appendix for convenient reference.

Bonus Lesson

A lacrosse ball massage routine designed to complement the desk jockey protocol and get you results even faster. Perfect for the office and on the go.

Elegant and streamlined course interface

  • 1.5+ hours of high quality video content in easy-to-navigate lessons

  • Login and stream course on any device

  • Track your progress as you complete lessons

  • Lesson Outline for each lesson notes key concepts for better comprehension and easy reference

Students Weigh In...

"I'm in sales and do lots of driving. I learned so many tools for preventing back pain and taking care of my body. I would definitely recommend this to my friends." -Jessica P., FL, USA

"Inspiring and innovative. I've been 20+ years in the fitness industry, and I know this information can help my clients, and myself." -Bob K., FL, USA
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  • Breath new productivity, creativity, and clarity into your career and projects

  • Save time and money being spent on medical and manual therapy for neck and back pain

  • Maintain mental and physical energy levels throughout your day

  • Prevent injury and improve exercise recovery and detoxification

  • Harness your body's genetic and adaptive potential to optimize your quality of work and your quality of life!

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