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RAD|desk jockey

Most modern careers keep us tied to our desks for long, sedentary hours. Optimize your work performance, while preventing the fatigue, stress, brain fog, pain, and increased risks for injury and chronic disease that go along with sitting or standing for long periods of time. RAD|desk jockey is an innovative and fun program to super-boost your quality of work, and your quality of life.

Choose this course if you want to:
  • Bring optimal energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to your career and projects 

  • Save time and money that is going towards medical and manual therapy for neck and back pain

  • Improve exercise performance and recovery, and prevent injury

  • Get the most out of life outside of work with energy and vitality for family time, the outdoors, or whatever you love the most!


Bob K. - FL, USA

"Inspiring and innovative. I've been 20+ years in the fitness industry, and I know this information can help my clients, and myself." 

Zena D. - FL, USA

"WOW this guy really knows his stuff! Hands down one of the most caring and knowledgable doctors I have ever used." 

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